Lemur Studios | Buffalo 48 Hour Film Project — PREMIERE SCREENINGS
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2019 Premiere Screening



10:45am — Doors Open

10:55AM — Pre-show entertainment (Squeeze and Thanks)

11:25AM — Opening Remarks

11:30AM SHARP — Premiere Screenings

Ticket sales are via the North Park Theater ticket sales portal.

Order online to avoid long lines.

Arrive early so we can stay on schedule.

There WILL be a line at the ticket window.

If you’re buying tickets at the box office, cash is fast!

Group A Tickets

***BUY NOW***

Saturday, August 17, 2019 @ 11:30am

 Invite friends

 Listed alphabetically, not by screening order

  • Aurora Orientem Productions Rachel Jennetti
  • Bad Apple Productions Mike Raisch
  • Beef Stewdios Jerry Theresanathan
  • Composed IMAGE David Anderson
  • Dwellers Matthew DiMaria
  • Green Buffalo Productions Madison Sedlor
  • Lake Bottom Pictures Katie Kostelny
  • Monet Carrow FIlmhouse Michael Criscione
  • Pizza Dog Studios Bill Paterson
  • RYIC productions Ryan Lillis
  • Shut Up Mom I’m Making a Film Andrew Rich
  • SWG Productions Danielle Morgera
  • Team BM-VM Terry Kimmel
  • The Good Taste Club Craig Acton
  • The Kan Ban Experiment David Barnes

Group B Tickets

***BUY NOW***

Sunday, August 18, 2019 @ 11:30am

 Invite friends

 Listed alphabetically, not by screening order

  • Bengal Cat Productions Timothy Butler
  • Buffalo Above Brandon Moran
  • BlackRock Productions Jim Wojcik
  • Carabel Pictures Hernan Caraballo
  • Cobb’s Hill Productions Jason Gerlach
  • dPost Evan Pease
  • Fighting Mongoose Kevin Minorczyk
  • Love Buffalo Films Jeanne Vinal
  • On Broadstreet Paul Fanara
  • Pan-American Film Division Megan Gonsalves
  • Rivers INKD Aaron Doolittle
  • Rm 117 Liz Dole
  • The Film Tribe Connor Mink
  • Vellichor Valley Pictures Deysha Johnson
  • Wicked Goose Productions Greg Keith

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Contact us

If you need help, email buffalo@48hourfilm.com. We don’t directly handle the ticket sales, but we’ll do our best!