Lemur Studios | Buffalo 48 Hour Film Project — PREMIERE SCREENINGS
Lemur Studios makes video production easy for your company. We make the media that you need to help you business grow. We create website videos, digital and broadcast advertisements, and corporate videos to tell your story. We're headquartered in WNY and work nationally. We're a full service video production crew
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2023 Premiere Screenings



10:40am — Doors Open and Photos!

11:05AM — Be there! Get a good seat!

11:25AM — Opening Remarks

11:30AM SHARP — Premiere Screenings

Ticket sales are via the North Park Theater ticket sales portal.

Order online to avoid long lines.

Arrive early so we can stay on schedule.

There WILL be a line at the ticket window. Arrive early!

If you’re buying tickets at the box office, cash is fast!

Group A Tickets

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Saturday, August 19, 2023 @ 11:25am

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 Listed alphabetically, not by screening order

  • 1 More Time — Tracy Jo Hopkins
  • 38 Gigabytes — Cameron Garrity
  • Captain Unique Productions — Gregory Lawrence Chittenden
  • Expressed Entertainment — Marvin Ray Askew
  • Funny Buffalo Films — Jordan Imiola
  • Inclusive Films — Aimee Levesque
  • LuminaryFigures Group — Raynel Almonte
  • On Broad Street Productions — Paul Fanara
  • PizzaDog Starship — Jason Yates
  • Renaissance Hands — David Lewis
  • Team BM-VM — Terry Kimmel
  • The Graduates — Ian Cherico
  • The SUNY Purchase Mafia — Ruby Soudant
  • Writer’s Block Media — Isaac Johnson
  • YeahSame Studios — Thomas Amodeo

Group B Tickets

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Sunday, August 20, 2023 @ 11:25am

 Invite friends

 Listed alphabetically, not by screening order

  • 1666 Theatrical Productions — Richard Lattimer
  • Andromeda Productions — Natalie Rosiek
  • B3 with E and Leigh — Bill Murray
  • Bad Apple Productions — Mike Raisch
  • Carabel Pictures — Hernan Caraballo
  • Crowley Webb Studios — Dustan Whitcomb
  • Eclectic Envisions — Devin Stokes
  • Fighting Mongoose Pictures — Brandon Chiarmonte
  • Fireball Falling — Leonard Medico Jr.
  • Fourteen Films — Dwight Barlow
  • Shut Up Mom I’m Making a Film — Andrew Rich
  • Software Version 7.0 — Burak Derya Spoth
  • The Raving Lunatic Show — Ryan Cameron
  • Too Much Bull — Shawn Greene
  • Wicked Goose Productions — Greg Keith

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Contact us

If you need help, email buffalo@48hourfilm.com. We don’t directly handle the ticket sales, but we’ll do our best!